Uipath assignment 2 solution

I started working on the assignment 2 of advanced training but I am completely lost. The walkthrough does not exactly tell where to begin from and where to end.

Do I have to use recorder? Which one? Should I start with Orchestrator? Does the REFramework folder from uiptah github page contains all the files needed to run the workflow? Is the REFramework template complete in itself or do we need to add something to it?

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First Project would be Dispatcher which would scrape Wi4 Items and add to the queue in the orchstrator. Second project would be Performer which would pick items from the Orchestrator queue and process them in ACME application. Ok, do i need to login to orchestrator to insert the items in the queues or it gets populated automatically through dispatcher? Reframework is designed to work with orchestrator, so you dont need to do much. This will add items from the work items for WI 4 to the Orchestrator queues.

Then I should open demo. Which upload ID do I need to pick. I guess you dint read the PDD and walkthrough prop, once your yearly report is generated you need to upload the yearly report in Reports menu Upload yearly report option. I am talking about final submission page. Where to start the assignment 2 solution from? I am completely lost Learn. Hi, I started working on the assignment 2 of advanced training but I am completely lost.

How to run the whole thing built in REFramework workflow? I am completely confused. Need a more detailed step by step walkthrough for assignment 2.

Please help me. Regards, Sam. PrankurJoshi August 28,am 3. First Project would be Dispatcher which would scrape Wi4 Items and add to the queue in the orchstrator Second project would be Performer which would pick items from the Orchestrator queue and process them in ACME application. I am using google chrome. PrankurJoshi August 28,am 6. Why not, it will work on almost all the known browsers.

Ok, let me comprehend what I understood so far.How many types of actions can be performed in the Variables panel in UiPath? Changing Variable types b.

UiPath Academy

Adding new Variables c. Setting default values for variables. During the running of workflow, how can you see the steps the workflow is executing? Using Debug and inspecting the Output panel b. Using Debug with Highlight Activities option. Ans: — a. Second to use a breakpoint in Debug mode. Which is the best optimize navigation method to be used in a form within Citrix?

When modelling a process that has loops to previous states b. When having a process with many decision blocks.

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In case if the PDF activities are not listed in your activities panel, how can you get them? To define the amount of time during which the target of an activity must be found. Is it possible to click a button with Click Image Activity if the target is not visible on the screen in UiPath? Ans:- a. You can add the path to the attachment directly in the send activity. You can specify the relative path of the image in the Attachments property.

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But workforce having varied skill set is scarce. To resolve this issues the entire IT industry has been looking for reliable, fast, intelligent, robust solution.

This demand is fulfilled by UI path. UiPath Studio software solution allows automating repetitive office tasks.

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It is founded by Romanian entrepreneur Daniel Dines in the year It converts boring tasks into automation process can work with multiple tools. Other Automation Tools Products of UiPath UiPath studio is available with three different product suite: UiPath Studio It allows us to plan any automation processes visually with the help of different diagrams. Each diagram represents a certain type of work to perform.

UiPath Robot Once you are done with the designing of processes in the studio, you need to execute the processes built in Studio. Robots will pick those steps and run without human direction in any environment.

It can also work when human triggers the process. UiPath Orchestrator This tool is a web-based application. It is a centralized platform for all the robots to manage.

Features of UiPath 1. Hosting Options: It can be hosted in cloud environments or virtual terminals. Application Compatibility: Offers a high range of applications to work with, which includes web and desktop applications. Centralized repository: This feature helps for handling all the robots simultaneously by users.

Security: Offers auto login features to run the bots 5. Advanced screen scraping solution: Scraping solution that works with any application like. Reliable tool for modeling business processes: The UiPath studio offers automation excellence with the help of model business processes.

Click on get community edition button.

uipath assignment 2 solution

Click on download community edition your download will begin. Step 5 Once the download is completed click on the setup file Step 6 Once the software is installed click on start free trial Step 7 In next screen, Enter Email address and click on activate button.

Device id will be detected automatically. Then Click on Activate button. You will have Ui Path on your system now!!!The workflow runs smoothly and correctly grab the confirmation code and save into item comments field, and check the status to be Completed. The only question area I can see if the reporting Year. Because it is nowthe previous year should be So all my reports are running forbut not Would it be an issue? Please help! Thank you! Thank you for the reply. In my testing data, and I reset it multiple times, there is NO report to download for year It is pretty common issue now in the forum.

Thank you for the UiPath lead team to make a quick change to the testing environment. My compliments. Can I ask you some questions about your zip file: Have uploaded both the Dispatcher and the Performer? Have you modified the name of Main. Your yearly report has columns header? Thanks in advance. Now I try to upload the video… Have nice day. I did try resetting the data but that did not help to solve this issue. Let me take it back. One more reset did the trick….

Solution of Assignment 2 of UiPath

Anyone, please help me to find out what wrong with my result, I tried 4 times but no luck. It just worked for me by directly uploading the id. Let me know if it works. Value cannot be null. I have written an if portion attached to this message.

I am not able to rectify the error, I have tried like 30 times, modified the workflow and possible way, but not able to find the error. Could anyone help me out here. JDR January 4,pm 1. Use as mentioned in the pdd I have cleared it in as well. JDR January 3,am 3. Could you upload your create yearly report workflow I will take a look. JDR January 3,pm 5.You can download client security hash assignment from here.

You will get zip file and once you extract the zip, it contains all workflow item it needs to run.

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The solution is not supported by the language other than English, so for international students make sure you have English as a default language in Google Chrome. View all posts by Ninja.

uipath assignment 2 solution

BrowserOperationException: Unable to communicate with the browser. Check the Uipath extension. Unable to communicate with the browser. COMException: Unable to communicate with the browser.

Check the Uipath extension at UiPath.

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If you can install TeamViewer then I can remote session to your desktop and help you work out the issue. You can email me your availability at uipathsyd outlook. I have the same issue and cannot seem to fix the problem.

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Since the workflow failed, please re-create queue in Orchastrator and re-run the daspatcher to re-create all work items. I think my data is saving too slow. I keep getting an error saying it cannot find a part of the path when the file does exist and is in fact downloaded.

I keep getting the following error. I am on a tight time frame with this assignment and cant figure out what to do about this. The data is there but im not sure why its not getting it. When I looked up solutions they mentioned putting a while loop while the file exists but I dont know for sure if that will help or where I need to even put it.

I also, didnt change anything since I download the file, jjust the config file. I am having issue connecting my robot to Orchestrator. Could I get some assistance? Have a new issue. Having an issue with the CheckAlert Workflow.

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uipath assignment 2 solution

The other browsers will have limitations and might struggle in case of version update. However, in some situations it is not possible to use IE, like in my work we have an agreement with Google for work and much of our internal sites do not work in IE. The problem is that UiExplorer cannot find the correct selector, which makes it difficult to get the text from the Google Chrome popup because it is not rendered in the same way as it is for IE and does not expose the text attribute among other ones.

Here is a snippet from the acme-test site for creating the alerts to help define the selector and here is a UiPath XAML file :. The following may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it may provide an alternative solution.

Alerts can be a bit of a pain to automate in most RPA tools, so I like to use an alert override trick. Basically you inject a function that will override the default alert function that displays a popup and reroute its contents somewhere reachable by UiPath, such as a custom textbox.

Now every alert on the page will send its contents directly to the textbox rather than displaying a popup. PS: I was deliberately not using jQuery in my code, but seeing that it is available on your website, you can take advantage of it.

Learn more. Asked 1 year, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 2k times. Specifically, I am having trouble with the following: What is the selector to target the dialog and how do you find this? What is the selector to target and extract the text from the dialog and how do you find this? What is the selector to click the OK button in the dialog and how do you find this? Cristophs0n Cristophs0n 2 2 gold badges 10 10 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges.

Active Oldest Votes. In more detail, you create a textbox somewhere Marek Stejskal Marek Stejskal 2, 1 1 gold badge 15 15 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Thanks for this answer. It really is logical and excellent from a JS perspective. I'm sure it will help a lot of users out but as you pointed out yourself, it is a little bit of a workaround.

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